Simon Mitchell
King’s Counsel (KC)


021 589 512


(09) 356 4798

Specialist Employment Law Services, including personal grievances, bargaining disputes, health and safety and related litigation.

I have worked as a litigation lawyer since 1990. I specialise in family and employment law. I enjoy the challenge of both areas of law, as both are all about people, and solving relationship problems.

In my family law work, I enjoy the challenge of assisting people through a difficult period of transition in their lives. I work in the areas of domestic violence, care of children and property disputes. For twenty years I have acted for children in the Family Court.

In my employment practice, I work in a full range of disputes and believe I bring strong litigation skills, but also assist parties by resolving matters and negotiating settlements if at all possible. I act for workers, employers and unions.

I regularly appear in the Family Court and all of the employment institutions including the Mediation Service, Employment Relations Authority, Employment Court and Court of Appeal.

I believe my expertise is recognised by frequently being asked by the Law Society to present at seminars and conferences in my specialist areas of practice.

Simon Mitchell was appointed King’s Counsel in November 2022