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John has been a member of Hobson Chambers for 17 years.

He has a background in education and industry, having worked in the aluminium smelter at Tiwai Point in Southland, and as a secondary teacher in New Zealand and England. In addition to a law degree he holds a Masters in chemistry and is especially conversant with drug and scientific matters.

John has represented clients across the spectrum of criminal charges: murder, manslaughter, aggravated robbery, serious violence, sexual violation, kidnapping. In R v T the accused had stabbed a drug dealer in the chest with a fileting knife: it punctured the man’s heart.  On being cross examined the pathologist accepted that in the struggle between the two men the knife could have caught on one of the deceased’s inter-costal muscles and so been, unintentionally, directed into the heart. The jury found the accused guilty of manslaughter not murder as charged.

John has been a youth advocate for over ten years and achieved significant results for a number of young people just starting out in life. The case of R v Z, where a 14-year-old was charged with murder, is of especial note. The young person had been interviewed by the police and, after two hearings in the High Court - both appealed by the Solicitor- General, the Court of Appeal ruled the interview inadmissible and set new guidelines for the interviewing of young and other vulnerable people. John had reviewed the procedures followed in England, Australia, various of the American States, Canada, Northern Ireland and suggested to the Court that the Canadian approach had much to recommend it, the Court agreed.

Whether it be a significant charge requiring appearances in the High Court/Court of Appeal or driving while disqualified, you will receive the same tenacious, dedicated, analytical approach and an uncompromising commitment to getting the best possible outcome.